The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home
The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home

Outdoor Wall Decor Ideas You’ll Enjoy

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Whether you use your home’s outdoor space for entertaining guests, relaxing, or for showcasing your landscaping designs, we all want an outdoor space that feels like a nice retreat. One simple way to upgrade your home’s outdoor space to create a more convivial and inviting feel is with the use of decor. More specifically, wall decor. You can make use of outdoor wall decor ideas to enhance the presence of your already present outdoor furniture and / or landscaping features.

In addition, there are so many different types of wall decor that it is not difficult to find a suitable choice of outdoor wall decor that you may find fit for your design. In this list, we have compiled a number of outdoor wall decor ideas for your home along with a couple of tips to keep in mind when decorating your patio and backyard space.

Here are a few outdoor wall decor ideas and tips you’ll enjoy:

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A lot of the finishing and trims on the exteriors of houses are comprised of various metals. Metal wall art can serve as a complementary addition to your outdoor space as it comes in a range of colors and styles. There are also metal wall art pieces that are made just for the outdoors and can withstand differing weather conditions. Plus, you can always try out a tarnish resistant protective coating for safe measures.


Another option of outdoor wall decor ideas you can incorporate into your design are light fixtures. Light fixtures are a quick and easy way to brighten up your outdoor area and create a pleasant, multi-functional space. To add, wall lighting can make a great fit for your yard or patio space and keep it illuminated during the evening and night for social gatherings. You may even favor string lights that you can move around wherever and whenever.

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What better place to hold and display your plants than the great outdoors itself. Wall planters are another unique type of wall decor that comes in differing designs and colors. Additionally, planters can be hung from a ceiling or placed onto a wall. You can also arrange them in various placements on your walls such as in rows, diagonally, etc. Plus, you don’t necessarily have to place real plants in them. You can display artificial floral arrangements in your planters as well.


While you are out in nature, animal wall decor can be a charming choice of outdoor wall decor ideas to add to your patio / yard space. There is outdoor animal wall decor featuring creatures such as butterflies, birds, and more. With animal wall decor present in your outdoor wall space, it will feel like stepping into your own outdoor sanctuary as you listen to and enjoy the sounds of the real nature surrounding you.


outdoor wall decor ideas
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Add a sense of tranquility to your backyard with the introduction of a water fountain feature for your outside wall space. Water fountains can be a stunning addition to your outdoor design. These water features often come with different speeds and / or flowing patterns and even some with changing colors, making for an entertaining display.


Incorporate additional natural elements into your outdoor living space with the inclusion of wooden wall decor. Wooden decor in the form of artwork and other carvings can add a rustic, charming touch to your outdoor space. In addition, it is an element already found throughout nature, so it will go just fine with your outdoor furniture.


Welcome your guests to your outdoor space with a piece of textual wall decor. You can make your own textual decor and have it say whatever you want – a greeting, initials, house number, etc. Just make sure it’s nice!


Share your sporting spirit and cheer on your favorite team by adding some sports decor to your outdoor design. There are flags, banners, wall decals, and more from all of your favorite sports teams.

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  • Make sure your outdoor wall decor is protected with a paint or material coating to prevent tarnishing and rusting.
  • Keep your space illuminated with different light fixtures for easier outside viewing and to create an inviting setup.
  • Try pillow cushions on your outdoor sofas and chairs for a more comfortable seating experience. Find ones with a pattern to add to your overall design!
  • Keep cool in the shade by adding an outdoor drapery or other covering to your patio space.
  • If you want your outdoor space to feel like a home outside of home, consider adding an outdoor rug onto the floor.

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