The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home
The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home

How to Style Wall Art:

When it comes to style, many people may think of fashion. However, interior design is another way you can express your own style. There are many different interior design styles such as bohemian, minimalist, or traditional furnishings. All in all, there are many different types of décor you can use to create an extravagant interior design. Wall décor is just one category of home décor you can explore to find pieces that match your interior design style. Many decorators like to use wall art to create a focal point in their living space or to add a pop of color. In addition, wall art may be displayed in any room in your home and can be arranged in a variety of eye-catching layouts. In this article, we will go into more detail on how to style wall art so that you can show off your own unique interior design style.

how to style wall art
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How to style wall art: Come up with a layout

When looking for ways to style your wall art, it helps to come up with a plan – preferably a visual plan. How many pieces of wall art do you intend to display? What type of arrangement do you want your wall art to be placed in? Consider sketching a rough draft of your room’s layout and where you want your wall art to hang. For example, do you want to arrange your pieces horizontally above your side tables or perhaps have one piece function as a focal point at the center of your wall? Furthermore, you can also try taking pictures of your room and your wall art pieces displayed in different ways to see which setup you like best.

Style your wall art according to your room’s color scheme

how to style wall art
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Color schemes are an integral part of interior design. When styling your wall art, try to select pieces that are in accordance with or complement your room’s color scheme. If your room has a warm color scheme, wall art featuring certain colors like red, yellow, or orange, could go well with this color scheme. If your interior design style is more modern, wall art featuring neutral colors can complement this type of room style.

Look at interior design magazines or home improvement shows

Interior design magazines and home improvement shows can provide a variety of helpful images, tips, and ideas on how to style wall art. Interior design magazines will often show a collection of rooms each styled with differing color schemes and interior design styles, along with complementary décor including wall art.

Make note of where and how they chose to display the wall art as well as which color palettes were used to go with each other. Home improvement shows may offer more hands-on ways to style wall art including certain DIY projects. Either way, these sources of inspiration can aid in helping you create an exquisite interior design.

Style your wall art to function as a pop of color

Another way you can style your wall art is by having it function as a pop of color in your room. For example, if your room consists of mostly neutral colors, a pop of color (e.g., yellow, green, etc.), can help to add a nice contrast and enhance your interior design. Also, it is okay if your wall art consists of subtle splashes of color. You can utilize other pieces of décor to help bring out these pops of color in your room.

Styling your wall art to serve as a pop of color in your room can not only help to add interest to your interior design, but can also function as a focal point that brings your whole design together.

how to style wall art
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Incorporate different wall art types into your interior design

When people think of wall art, they may think of canvas paintings or photographs. However, there are many different types of wall art. There are wall plants, metal wall art sculptures, mirrors, and more. You can style these different types of wall art in accordance with each other to create a unique display. For example, a mirror surrounded by a pair of wall plants or lights can create a stunning set up. Feel free to experiment with different wall art types to see how well they go with each other.

How to style wall art: In conclusion…

To conclude, in your search for how to style wall art, it helps to first start out with a plan. Feel free to experiment with different types of wall art but also keep in mind that sticking with a certain color scheme can help to enhance your overall interior design. To add, watching a couple of home improvement shows or reading some interior design magazines can help give you some inspiration for styling. All in all, don’t be afraid to experiment with your interior design style and make it unique!

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