The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home
The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home

How to Set Up a Feature Wall

Incorporating a feature wall into your living space can transform your room’s interior design. A feature wall is typically set up to function as the focal point of a room. Decorators may use a feature wall to display or accentuate various elements of their interior design. There are multiple ways you can integrate and decorate a feature wall in your home. While some may say feature walls are dated, with the right design techniques, you can create a modern and pleasing ambiance with the inclusion of a feature wall. In this article, we will go into more detail on how to set up a feature wall in your living space:

how to set up a feature wall
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Choose where you want to set your feature wall

When seeking how to set up a feature wall, the first step is to select which wall in your living space that you would like to set as your feature wall. While common, a feature wall does not have to be limited to a living room. You can place a feature wall in whichever room you’d like. Ideally, you should pick a wall in your room with an already present focal point. A few good options include a wall where your fireplace resides or some other kind of built-in feature. These examples serve as a great opportunity to go ahead and turn your wall into a full-on feature wall, as these areas already catch the eye.

Nonetheless, feel free to test your options. If you don’t have any particular protruding wall feature and are starting on a blank canvas, this allows even more room for creative exploration. If possible, try to set up your feature wall so that it is centered in your room. This will help to create a symmetrical and balanced interior design.

Select a striking paint color

how to set up a feature wall
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Often times, when decorators set up a feature wall in their room, they typically paint that wall a different color than the rest. This helps to really set the tone for your feature wall and grab attention. The particular paint color you choose can be a color from a chosen color scheme, or you may choose to leave your other walls painted white while your feature wall is painted with a pop of color. The possibilities are endless. Additionally, using paint gives you the option of switching up your color scheme at any time. On the other hand, you can also apply a patterned wallpaper or other textured material like wood or metal to your feature wall.

Make use of wall decor and wall art

To really accentuate your feature wall, it is beneficial to utilize wall decor and wall art pieces. There are metal sculptures you can place onto your wall, light fixtures, wall plants, mirrors, and many more. These examples of wall accents can help to tie in various elements of your room’s design and create a harmonious ambiance.

Utilizing wall decor and artwork on your walls is especially useful if you are starting on a blank canvas without any type of other wall feature (e.g. fireplace, TV). Your accent wall can be used for displaying a variety of things. You may want to showcase your own artwork gallery or perhaps have your own chalkboard wall.

Be mindful of interior design principles

how to set up a feature wall
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If you want to create a convivial ambiance in your living space, it is essential that you take into account certain basic principles of interior design. For instance, when exploring how to set up a feature wall, you should seek to maintain a balance of the elements in your room (colors, style, furniture, etc.). Your feature wall should add to, not take away from your interior design.

Avoid overcrowding your room with too much on your walls – too much wall art, colors that clash, etc. To add, another tip is to try to make sure that your accent wall is centered to better function as a striking focal point.

Set up your feature wall to accentuate

How to set up a feature wall – design it to accentuate certain elements throughout your room. While your feature wall may serve as a focal point, it should still be complementary to the overall interior design of your room. If you have a chosen color scheme in your living space, add splashes of colors from your scheme to your feature wall.

It could be in the form of wall art / decor, paint colors, etc. Additionally, your feature wall should heighten your room’s ambiance, regardless of style. For example, a rustic or industrial style space could really use wood or metal elements implemented into a feature wall.

Wall art can transform the overall look and feel of your living space, especially when decorating a feature wall. Click here to check out tips when decorating with wall art:

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