The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home
The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home

How to Decorate with Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art in the home can serve as a unique and stunning decorative addition. It is just one of many different types of wall art. Not to mention, there are also various forms that metal wall art can take, along with varying metal finishes. The versatility and durability of metal wall art makes it a great choice for savvy decorators looking to augment their living space. If you are one of these decorators looking to add to their interior design with the help of metal wall art, here are five helpful tips to keep in mind that can benefit you when exploring how to decorate with metal wall art:

Here is how to decorate with metal wall art in your home:

how to decorate with metal wall art
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1) Have larger metal wall art pieces function as a focal point

To enhance the overall look and feel of your room’s interior design, it helps to set up a focal point in your living space. A focal point is a particular area in your room designed / decorated to capture the eye. The focal point of a room may feature an artwork display or have some other built-in home decor present (e.g. a fireplace, shelves, etc.). Metal wall art comes in an array of different sculpted forms. This unique feature makes metal wall art a favorable choice to incorporate into a stunning focal point in your room.

Furthermore, if you have a large metal wall art piece that you are decorating with, this is a great opportunity to have it function as a striking focal point in your interior design and capture the eye of guests. You can place your metal wall art above your TV / TV stand, have it centered in your dining room – the list of options goes on.

2) Consider aligning your wall art in rows, columns, or some other pattern

how to decorate with metal wall art
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Another way you can spruce up your living space with metal wall art, is by setting up a nicely assorted display on your wall. If you have smaller wall art pieces, consider placing them in symmetrical rows and / or columns. This is a simple yet charming touch that can add to a balanced interior design flow.

In addition, you can try aligning your metal wall art pieces in other unique patterns (e.g. diagonally, setting up a gallery, etc.). These layout examples can help to fill excess wall space while simultaneously serving as an eye-catching adornment.

3) Use metal wall art to accentuate other elements throughout your room’s interior design

To add to the list of tips to keep in mind when seeking how to decorate with metal wall art, try to use these decorative additions to accentuate other elements throughout your room’s interior design. Metal wall art can add a touch of texture and dimension to your living space. So, aim to make use of this feature to further enhance your room’s presence. If there is a particular color scheme present in your living space, try to find a metal wall art piece that incorporates some of those colors or textures. For example, if you have a copper themed kitchen, there is copper metal wall art to match.

On the other hand, there are even certain interior design styles like modern, rustic, and industrial themes, that metal wall art really goes well with in following the natural element trend. Mirrored metal wall art can be used to accentuate your room’s interior design and make it look more spacious. All in all, having wall art and other décor that complement each other can help to heighten the ambiance of your living space.

4) Pair it with a pop of color or colors

While metal wall art may serve as a striking decorative addition, some metal wall art pieces can be taken to the next level with a pop of color. Metal elements and finishes such as steel, bronze, etc., can be paired with a variety of colors as they consist of neutral tones. This factor offers plenty of opportunity for creative exploration in your home. A good example of a versatile metal wall art choice is gold metal wall art. It is a trendy adornment that can be paired with an array of colors and adds a nice opulent touch to your room.

how to decorate with metal wall art
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You can also utilize paint colors when decorating with metal wall art. Brighter colors can not only help your wall art to stand out, but they can also create a more open and airy feeling in your room. However, don’t be afraid of darker hues as they can offer a pleasing contrast with certain metal finishes. Nonetheless, feel free to experiment with your color palette choices when exploring how to decorate with metal wall art.

5) Explore your placement options

One of the benefits of metal wall art compared to other types of wall art, is its long-lasting durability and thus versatile placement options. Many metals naturally consist of a solid composition and quality. Due to this feature, certain metal wall art pieces can not only be used as a decorative accent inside your home, but outside as well.

Outdoor metal wall art is a great, durable option of home décor. It can be used for outdoor events and functions, without you having to worry about wear and tear as much. Metal wall art makes a good fit for the outdoors, kitchens, living rooms, and just about anywhere else. So, when decorating with metal wall art, don’t be afraid to explore your placement options.

6) BONUS: Make sure you have the right equipment

how to decorate with metal wall art
Photo Source: Dmitry Zvolskiy / Pexels

Due to the sometimes heavier and sturdier build of metal wall art, it is important that you have the proper tools and equipment to hang it with. Make sure that you have adequate sized nails or other adhesives to ensure that the sculpture stays planted onto your wall. You also want to take into consideration basic wall art placement guidelines as far as how to hang wall art.

Wall art should not be hung too high or too low on your wall. When placing wall art, it should also be centered and leveled. Try to keep your other wall art pieces and decorative accents at a generous space between one another to maintain a balanced interior design flow.

Metal wall art is a unique choice of home decor that can enhance your overall interior design. Click here to read more about the importance of wall art in your interior design:

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