The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home
The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home

10 DIY Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

Designing your own wall art to put on display in your home can add a unique flair to your living space. There are so many different types of wall art you can create, along with a range of colors and canvas sizes you can use. If you are wanting to start your own DIY wall art project but don’t know where to begin, listed below are 10 DIY wall art ideas you may want to consider trying out:

diy wall art ideas
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Create your own chic wall art by painting or pasting your favorite quote onto your canvas. This type of wall art fits into any room or interior design style. Dress up your project with different fonts, stickers, and more. Add a frame for even more flair.


For this choice of DIY wall art ideas, all you will need is a camera and an outdoor space you’d like to photograph. Go out in nature and snap a photo of an animal, trees, the sky, etc. You can even take multiple photographs and arrange them into one big scenic nature collage.


Put your talents to practice by creating your own abstract painting. Abstract paintings offer plenty of room for creative exploration. You can use any color or paint style you’d like. This type of wall art also adds a modern touch to your living space.

diy wall art ideas
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Add a touch of city life to your living space with the introduction of your own DIY cityscape wall art project. You can paint a picture of buildings, pedestrians, roads, etc. – anything that city life offers.


If you want a fun DIY project to try when creating your own wall art, consider trying a canvas paint splatter project. There are various paint splatter project examples and tutorials online. You can use any choice of paint colors or canvas size.


To add to the list of DIY wall art ideas, you may like the idea of simply painting patterns on a fresh canvas. There are a range of patterns you can paint such as stripes, polka dots, symbols, and more. This simple project is suitable for any room and can be tweaked to fit in with your interior design style. Use colors from your room’s color scheme for even more gain.

diy wall art ideas
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If you have an idol you look up to, or perhaps are a more skilled artist, consider painting or photographing your own portrait. This portrait can be of yourself, a loved one, or a made-up figure. Furthermore, you can even create more than one portrait and hang them in a collage – (e.g. a family portrait).


Bring the serene nature of the ocean into your living space by creating your own ocean view painting, drawing, or photograph. This still capture is sure to grab the eye of guests.


A simple way to dress up your wall space and enhance your interior design is by adding a tapestry. Tapestries come in many different designs, colors, and sizes. You can turn this type of wall art into a DIY project by making your own tapestry with your choice of fabric and / or sewing style. This choice of DIY wall art ideas makes a comfy addition to any style living space.

diy wall art ideas
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Add a pop of color to your living space by making your own flower wall art project. There are a variety of flowers you can take inspiration from in the creation of your project. You can even try using different materials to form your flower(s) such as ribbon, string, etc.

With a few DIY wall art ideas in mind, click here to see where to hang wall art in your home:

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