The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home
The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home

20 Wall Art Canvas Ideas You’ll Love

If you are looking for ways to add your own personal touch of character to your home, creating your own wall art to put on display in your living space can be a unique way of doing so. In this list, we have compiled 20 different canvas wall art ideas you can take inspiration from when creating your own wall art to decorate your home with.

Here are 20 different canvas wall art ideas for your home:

canvas wall art ideas
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1) Abstract paintings

Introduce an eye-catching statement piece into your living space by creating your own abstract wall art canvas painting. Abstract paintings are variable. You can use a range of colors, shapes, and layouts to create your own abstract canvas painting.

2) Animal paintings

If you like animals, you may want to consider placing your own animal wall art canvas painting on display somewhere in your living space. This type of canvas painting is suitable for any type of room of any style.

canvas wall art ideas
Photo Source: Marty-arts / Pixabay

3) Water

A still painting of water – oceans, rivers, waterfalls, etc., can be an eye-catching decorative addition in your home. Featuring shades of blue, a water painting may also make a good fit for rooms with a cool color scheme.

4) The sky

Another option of canvas wall art ideas that can be sourced directly from outside your window are paintings of the sky. A canvas painting of the sky can be a charming addition to your room. Feel free to paint the sunset, clouds, a sunrise, or any other picturesque setting seen in the sky.

canvas wall art ideas
Photo Source: Peterport / Pixabay

5) Rainbow designs

Share the cheer by trying out a rainbow painting on your canvas. There are many ways you can incorporate rainbow colors into your canvas wall art. You can create an actual rainbow drawing, stripes, or another pattern to add a splash of color to your room.

6) Geometric shapes

If you have a modern or contemporary interior design style present in your room, a good choice of canvas wall art ideas are geometrical shapes. This style of wall art is pretty simple to implement yet can make a statement.

canvas wall art ideas
Photo Source: ionasnicolae / Pixabay

7) Portraits

If your art skills are more advanced, you might be in favor of painting a portrait of someone special, a fictional character, or maybe yourself. A portrait canvas painting can also make for a thoughtful gift idea.

8) Paint splatters / dripping paint

To add to the list of different canvas wall art ideas, another creative DIY wall art project you can try is adding paint splatters or dripping paint to your canvas. Simply choose the paint color or colors you would like to use on your project, grab some tarp and a paint brush to splatter or drip the colors onto your canvas.

canvas wall art ideas
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9) Architecture

Take a look outside of your window for this canvas wall art idea. Canvas paintings of architecture, whether real or fictional, make a great fit for industrial and rustic style spaces. You can come up with your own architecture drawings to paint or take inspiration from real architecture.

10) Text / Quotes

A quick way to add your own personal touch of character to your room is by painting your own text or quotes on a canvas. You can paint your name, initials, or favorite life saying on the canvas. To add, you can then spruce up the font and add other decorative touches to your wall art.

canvas wall art ideas
Photo Source: ArtsyBee / Pixabay

11) Food

Who doesn’t love food? Fruits, vegetables, desserts, whatever you desire you can paint on your canvas. Furthermore, what better place to hang your canvas food wall art than in the kitchen or dining room?

12) Flowers / Plants

There are so many different types of flowers and all of which come in an array of colors, shapes, and sizes. They are a great choice of canvas wall art ideas and can add a charming touch to your living space. In addition, you can utilize colorful flower canvas paintings to bring out various hues found in your room’s color scheme.

canvas wall art ideas
Photo Source: Marty-Arts / Pixabay

13) Ombre painting

Ombre colors are a trendy yet eye-catching addition you can incorporate into your living space with your own canvas wall art painting. Simply pick out the color you would like to use for your ombre painting and its corresponding shades to set up a seamless color transition.

14) Patterns

A simple option of canvas wall art ideas you can try right at home is painting a particular pattern on your canvas. A couple of ideas of patterns you could paint onto your canvas include stripes, polka dots, and swirls.

canvas wall art ideas
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15) Numbers / Dates

A unique DIY canvas wall art idea you could try out is painting numbers. You can add a lucky number, a sports jersey number, or the numbers of a special date like an anniversary or birthday.

16) Seasons

Do you have a favorite season? If so, you may favor seasonal wall art. Create your own canvas painting featuring your favorite part of a particular season. For example, a snowflake for winter, sunshine for summer, or rain for the spring.

seasonal art
Photo Source: Marty-arts / Pixabay

17) Photo collage

If you want to fill up your canvas wall art space with something other than a painting, you can try setting up your own photo collage. Simply take some of your own personal photos and arrange them how you would like to fill up the canvas.

18) Metallic paintings

Metallic wall art is a great way to add texture and dimension to your living space. You can create your own metallic wall art with the use of certain metallic paint colors and spray paints. There are even DIY projects involving the use of real metals such as coins.

metallic art
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19) Stencil art

For a precise outline to follow when creating your own canvas wall art, you may want to try out stencils on your canvas to make your project. There are a variety of stencils you can follow and incorporate into your canvas wall art such as letters, shapes, symbols, and many more.

20) Fabric canvas art

Finally, another choice of canvas wall art ideas is fabric canvas art. This type of canvas wall art involves the use of a fabric (e.g. lace, cotton, etc.) of your own choosing. You can arrange this fabric any way you desire.

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After you have created your own canvas wall art, it’s time to place it. Click here to check out the do’s and don’ts of decorating with wall art:

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