The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home
The Latest and Trendiest Wall Art Pieces for Your Home

2020 Wall Art Trends You Should Know About

2020 wall art trends
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Wall art can be a staple piece of decor when it comes to interior design. It may serve as an eye-catching focal point in your living space or perhaps as a necessary pop of color. Regardless, wall art is a prominent choice of decor with different trends constantly emerging. Whether you prefer modern motifs, a vintage flair, or a more traditional design, there is wall art that will suit your style. Let’s take a look at what decorators are loving for 2020 wall art trends:

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Minimalism in fashion, lifestyle, and interior design, has been steadily trending. In terms of interior design, it is a more laid-back, simplistic, modern aesthetic with many neutral colors and motifs. Minimalist style wall art is perfect for modern or contemporary style spaces and is great for an office or living room. Minimalist wall art typically features cool, neutral tones such as black, white, taupe, etc.


While watercolor paintings have been around for a while, their resurgence in interior design for 2020 wall art trends is for good reason. Watercolor paint adds a nice yet subtle pop of color to your living space. This pop of color may be introduced with a portrait painting, patterned painting, etc. You can even create your own watercolor painting to display in your living space.

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Liven up your interior with the introduction of wall plants. This 2020 wall art trend has led to many people setting up their own indoor plant oasis and mini gardens. Having plants in your living space can really help to create a positive atmosphere in your interior design. This type of wall art goes well with a variety of colors and interior design styles.


2020 wall art trends
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Display a piece of textual wall art in your living space that features your favorite quote for a daily source of inspiration. This choice of 2020 wall art trends is favored by many as wall decal quotes and such help to create a welcoming ambiance in your living space. This type of wall art can fit into any room and can even be turned into a fun DIY project.


If you want to add dimension and texture to your living space and upgrade your interior design, geometric art is a good choice of 2020 wall art trends to consider incorporating into your living space. There are many different designs your geometric art may come in, and can add a nice modern touch to your room. In addition, many decorators like geometric art in their living space because they serve as a striking focal point.


You may have seen line art on display in various galleries or perhaps featured online. This type of wall artwork can serve as a stunning modern addition to your living space. It has been steadily trending well into 2020 for wall art trends. This style of design consists of striking artwork formed through the connection of various lines.


Paintings and other wall art consisting of metallic finishes like copper, silver, gold, etc., have been on trend in interior design. Metal wall art of various finishes adds an elegant, chic touch to your living space. A range of color palettes and furnishings also go well with this decor choice. This is just one of the many reasons why savvy decorators favor this style of wall art for 2020 wall art trends.

2020 wall art trends
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Neon colors can be a bold statement in your interior design. Furthermore, neon colors and neon lights (e.g. light-up wall signs) have also been trending lately. There are a wide array of choices for how you can add neon wall art to your living space. It is a great fit for gamerooms, bedrooms, etc., but can also function as an eye-catching pop of color in your living room.

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